About Ronin

At the end of 1977 Jiu-Jitsu club Ronin was formed by eighteen high graded jiu-jitsu practician, from Jiu-Jitsu club Shiai. The name Ronin comes from Japanese history meaning one/warrior without a master, History tells us that there was a Ronin Samurai which didn\’t belonged to some lord. The name fits well, since Jiu-Jitsu club Ronin is an independent club. At …

What is Ju-jutsu?

What is Ju-jutsu? Ju-jutsu originate from Feudal Japan and where the battle techniques used by samurai when they lost their weapon. In Japanese ju-jutsu means soft technique. A soft technique does not need to be a \ ”kind \” technique, but done right it is an effective technique. How do you practice? Ju-jutsu training is …



Dojo/Visiting address Ronin Hombu Dojo Svanehöjdsgatan 6, Gothenburg, Sweden. buss nr 31 to Svartedalsgatan . Postal address Jiujitsuklubben Ronin ck / Stefan Linnarsson Fjällbruden 184 424 50 Angered Sweden Phone 0046707291805 Stefan Postgiro 706375-3 Email info@ronin.se