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What is Ju-jutsu?

What is Ju-jutsu?
Ju-jutsu originate from Feudal Japan and where the battle techniques used by samurai when they lost their weapon. In Japanese ju-jutsu means soft technique. A soft technique does not need to be a \ ”kind \” technique, but done right it is an effective technique.

How do you practice?
Ju-jutsu training is based mainly on various defense techniques to escape from an attacker’s grip (first semester) and then take control of the opponent (second semester and onwards). We practice breakfall, throws and punch and kick techniques.

What does the law say?
The overall philosophy of Ju-jutsu is to never use more violence than necessity requires, taking account of the attack we face. Our Ju-jutsu was developed according to ”Brottsbalkens 24 kapitel om nödvärn”, and properly carried out it is a legal form of self-defense

Who practice Ju-jutsu?
There is no specific type of person who trains Ju-jutsu. Everyone can practice Ju-jutsu!